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Do You Have Medicare Eligible Employees?

Do you have Medicare-eligible employees? As employees approach age 65, educating them about their new health coverage options is important. It can help both the company and the employee. Employers can benefit by shifting financial risk out of their group health plan and making the group more attractive to insurance carriers. Employees can benefit by having more affordable health coverage options - especially if their only alternative is a high-deductible group health plan.

Although employers are prohibited from encouraging or offer incentives to employees to drop their group health plan and take Medicare, you should make employees aware that turning 65 means new health coverage choices. If some employees are considering having both a group health plan plus Medicare, you can provide factual information about coordination of benefits (see Medicare & Other Health Benefits, Your Guide to Who Pays First). In that way, employees can make informed choices that best fit their individual coverage needs.

State-licensed insurance agents who are certified in Medicare plans may be your best choice to help your employees. Agents can offer personalized service and objectively compare all Medicare plans to your group health plan.

Let's talk to see if I can be of service to you and your employees.

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